Types Of Internet and Webcam Camera

Type Of Internet

Types Of Internet

Friends, we all use the Internet. Because the Internet has become our need, today all the information we need is avilable
on the Internet. Recreate on the Internet or use Google, Facebook, Twitter, or the rest of the website to connect with

But do you know that the website that we use on the Internet or that comes to us on Google is 5% of the entire Internet,
the rest 95% cannot be opened from the normal Broswer of your mobile and computer, nor can they You see it in Google.

Internet is divided into 3 parts

Surface Web
Deep Web

#1 Surface Web

This is the part of the Internet that you and we use in which any website of Google, Facebook, Twitter or World which opens
in front of us when searching in Google, all of them come in Surface Web and you will be surprised to know that These are
only 5% of the Internet!

In the surface web, we can see any website to the extent that the Onwer of that website wants to show us!

You must have often seen if you search some objectionable things on Google, the page gets blank or comes by writing Contant
Not Found. This means that there is no information available on the Internet, or it may be that Google does not want to
show you intentionally because Google also wants Surface Web to be largely protected from crime.

#2 Deep Web

Deep Web is an Internet that we cannot find by searching on Google because it is a no index website. This type of website
is not an index in Google. But if you have a fix URL and password for any Deep Web Website, then you can access these

As much as the “Cloud Storage” website in the world or the personal website of the biggest international bank, the website
of the Government Intelligence Department, all such websites remain on the “Deep Web” so that it can be kept safe from the
reach of common people.

These websites can be accessed by people who have their permission and for this a fix URL and password is required.

#3 DarkWeb

Dark Web is that part of the Internet. Where all the illegal work of the world takes place. To use Dark Web, you need a
special Broswer called TOR BROWSER. Tor address cannot be detected by Tor Browser, which keeps your identity secret.

You can download it from Google Play Store by searching under the name OROT but just by downloading it does not work, for
this you will have to install Proxy Server also named Orfox. This is also very easy to find on the Google Play Store.

Note:- But –Site name— never advises you to use Tor Browser. It can also be a threat to your safety as well as it is
illegal for which you may have to go to jail. You have Google and have a lot of information on them and have to spend your
time in the right things.

Type of WebCam Camera

Type of WebCam Camera

WebCam Camera is a hardware input tool that makes videos of every person or image that they encounter. Nowadays most of the
Laptops comes with Webcam and if it is not installed in your Laptops or Desktops, then you can use it in your Computer by
connecting it to the USB port of the Computer with a Cable.

We can also call WebCam Camera as a kind of small capitals Digital Camera, WebCam Camera gives you the facility of a
picture or video call of a person through the Internet, many people also use it to make videos.

It is mostly used for talking on video with the help of Internet and for video broadcasting. Which we also call Video
Chatting. Webcam was first created in 1991.

WebCam Camera requires very little money to build and while its Visual Power is quite good. For webcam, 1080p is considered
High Definition, and this resolution should give you the clearest and most detailed picture.

As the Image Quality Resolution decreases to 720p or 480p, you will start losing quality and note more pixelation.

Webcam creates a series of images of every person or object in front of them and then sends it to Webcam Software, which
broadcasts it with the help of Internet, after which these images are shown at a very fast speed. , Video is made on the
basis of the speed of the image appearing in the webcam.

There are some ways to broadcast any image on the Internet, such as converting Softwares Image into a JPEG file and
uploading it to a web server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). In this, the speed of viewing the image is measured in FPS
(Frame Per SECOND).

It shows more than 30 images every second and from that the images look like a video to us, if we say in easy language,
Webcam is a device designed for video broadcast and taking photos.

There are many types of webcam and all are used for different tasks by looking at their special features. Some webcams are
designed for domestic purposes and they are considered the best for webcam.

On the other hand, some Web Cams personal is considered to be very good for a meeting or for security, Webcam is divided
into the following parts based on their features and their use.

#1 Standalone

These webcams have a lens and a stand, these cameras are usually connected to the computer via a USB cable. Their image
quality is very good, some of these webcams also have a resolution of 720 pixels. Also you can control it easily.

Apart from this, you can use it easily by connecting your Microphone or Headset with it. However, more desktop clutter is
the result of them.

#2 Integrated

They are used as portable devices specially in Notebook and other computers designed for portability so that you can enjoy
Video Calls anywhere.

So it is easy to take them from one place to another, most integrated webcam are inbuilt at the top of the laptop.

They are mostly used in Laptops or Notebook, some Integrated Webcam have two cameras, one of which you use for Video Calls,
the other takes your image at the same time.

The quality of their images is not very good, but still it is helpful in making video calls.

#3 Dedicated WebCam Camera 

Dedicated WebCam Camera is the most used WebCam Camera, they are very low in cost and the installing process easy. This
means that not only are they cheap, but installing them is also very easy, you can connect them to your desktop by
connecting them to USb.

But the FPS of the image is very low in them, due to which the quality of their image and video will not be as good, if in
simple words, Dedicated Webcam is only suitable for personal use only for Video Calling.

#4 Camcorder

The camcorder is a kind of digital camera, in which a card is used to catch the video, with the use or help of which it
takes the image and sends those images forward with the help of the network, it does not record anything by itself. Rather,
a software installed in it allows the computer to save data.

Camcorder Automatic Work does not. Lens is a feature in which the camcorder surpasses the digital cameras. Most digital
cameras feature optical Zom zoom, with 3 x and 5 x being the main. While the camcorder features 25x to 60x lenses.

With which you can save good quality videos in zoom in and zoom out while doing video recording. The camcorder has a better
Sounds Record than digital cameras. So we can say that camcorder is better than Digital Camera.V

#5 Digital Webcam

They are not used for Live Streaming Video, but they work on the basis of set of High Quality Images. Whose number of FPS
is very high, if you want to get the Continue image, then this Webcam can prove to be the most beneficial for you, you can
also easily connect it to your computer with the help of USB.

#6 Webcam without Microphone :

In Webcam Without Microphone, you do not have to use any Microphone, because inside these WebCam Camera a micro phone is

Its biggest advantage is that by using it, you do not need a separate micro phone or headset. While using these WebCam
Camera, you have to keep in mind that you do not use the speaker. Otherwise you may face some problems.

#7 Network Cameras

Network Cameras are also called Wireless WebCam Camera because they broadcast data over the radio
wave without cable. The quality of the image of Network Cameras is very good, that is why they are used mostly from the
point of view of Security Services as well as they are also used in Video Conferencing.

One good feature of Network Cameras is that they can send information to more than one computer at a time. Now when there
are so many things, obviously it will cost more.

Here I would like to tell you that all these cameras are expensive. Also, if you want to use Network Cameras, then you need
a Working Network Connection to use it. Network Cameras have a slecific range and they function well within that range.

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