Importance And Uses Of Computer

Importance of Computer

Importance And Uses Of Computer

In the modern era, computers are used all over the world. This is very important for us. Computer and Internet access is increasing day by day. Almost all businesses, companies, are using computers for various official functions.

Computers are now taking part in areas of life that we could not even imagine. Computer is a very high technology invention that everyone should know about.

Importance of Computer

A computer is a modern electronic device. At first, it was the only calculating machine. It works better and quicker than humans. It has a machine (CPU), a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse to operate it. People use it in offices, hotels, companies etc. Every youth of today is interested in it.

We can watch cinema on computer. It can print papers and receipts. Computer does a lot of work for man. Hence the present age is the era of computers. It helps man a lot in various fields. Man relies more and more on it due to its quickness, accuracy and safe preservation of facts.

The man gets tired but not the computer. It continues its work without resting. It works on its own with little help from humans. Hotels, shopping malls, government departments and banks have a computer. In many institutions, students are taught how to operate a computer. It is a very useful and helpful tool for mankind.

Uses of Computer

Man has always tried to cross the boundaries of himself with the help of various inventions. They have invented automobiles or planes for their fast speed, radio, telephone, television for their ears and eyes, machines for muscles, etc.

These inventions are indeed the wonders of our civilization, but the invention of the computer is a wonder of wonders as it adds to the intelligence of man and increases the quickness and accuracy of his brain. It helps one man in every field. This can make calculations faster and more accurate than the human brain.

It is therefore used in industrial concerns, banks, railway stations, factories and hotels in Western countries. It is also used for evaluation of examination answer sheets in educational institutions in developed countries. Safe preservation of files in office, preparation of statistical data and their preservation can be done with the help of computer.

It helps a person to increase industrial production and trade. India is trying to introduce computers in various fields. Although its use is in its infancy in our country, it is becoming popular day by day. Computer education is spreading across the country and into the twenty-first century. We hope it will be used for the benefit of the world.

A computer is a modern electronic device. Man has been using it for the last fifty years. A full-blown computer was first designed by Professor Acnes and colleagues at Harvard University. Since then its technology has been used all over the world.

Now it is helping human beings in various fields such as: agricultural industry, scientific fact collection, space research, diagnosis of diseases, control of traffic, planning of machinery, defense etc. It helps doctors to easily diagnose and cure various diseases easily.

Scanning Instrument: Can take an inside picture of the entire body and can locate trouble spots and thus helps doctors a lot. Life-threatening diseases like TB, ulcers, cancer can be treated with the help of computers.


Therefore, it is said that computers have brought a revolution in every field of the modern era. Computers have definitely made our lives comfortable. The computer has a big impact on our lives and it is constantly increasing.

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