Benefits Of Neem and Asafoetida

Benefits Of Neem

Benefits Of Neem

Neem tree is mainly found all over India, Neem has very beneficial medicinal properties which is very beneficial for our body. Neem protects us from many diseases and it is very beneficial for our skin. Neem has been used as an antiseptic since ancient times. We use different parts of neem like neem leaves, neem bark, neem fruit, neem oil and neem datun etc. as medicine. Today we will talk about the benefits of Neem.

Benefits Of Neem

Benefits Of Neem :-

  1. Ringworm is applied by grinding neem leaves in curd.
  2. Massage the neem oil to the people suffering from arthritis by giving relief to joint pain.
  3. Neem is also an excellent hair conditioner, after boiling neem leaves in water, grind it to a paste. Now adding honey to this neem paste and applying this paste to the hair ends the problem of dandruff and the hair becomes very soft and shiny too.
  4. If you want to avoid the problem of boils and pimples, then grind neem leaves, bark and neem pods (nectars) in equal quantity, now applying this paste on the skin, the boils and wounds heal quickly.
  5. Neem teeth are used to clean teeth, which helps a lot in keeping teeth healthy and strong.
  6. Mixing coriander and dry ginger powder in decoction of neem bark is beneficial in malaria.
  7. Chewing neem leaves clears the blood and cures skin related diseases.
  8. The consumption of neem has a special significance in Maharashtra on New Year i.e. Gudi Padwa. It is said that eating neem leaves on Gudi Padwa day cures all kinds of diseases for a year.
  9. Smoke at night by burning dry neem leaves, mosquitoes die and there is no risk of disease like malaria.
  10. Neem is very beneficial in itching and skin diseases. Boil neem leaves in water and then cool the water and take bath, it provides relief in itching and skin diseases.


Benefits Of Asafoetida

Asafoetida is used mainly as a spice in food, asafoetida is also used in many home remedies to enhance the taste of food. Asafoetida is also used to sprinkle in lentils and raita, today we will talk about the benefits of asafoetida, because asafoetida has many beneficial properties.

Benefits Of Asafoetida

Benefits Of Asafoetida :-

  1. If you suddenly start having stomach pain, then dissolve a little asafetida in water and heat it slightly and apply it around the navel, by doing this, you will get relief in stomach pain immediately.
  2. In the condition of toothache, mixing a little camphor in asafetida and applying it on the affected area, stops toothache.
  3. Using asafetida in lentils, curry and vegetables in your daily diet helps digest food.
  4. If the fork has pierced at some place in your body, apply asafetida solution to that place, by doing this the pain of pricking the thorn will also be reduced and the fork will come out on its own.
  5. In case of acidity problem, mix a little asafetida with jaggery and eat it with hot water, it will relieve the pain caused by gas.
  6. Taking asafetida with celery and black salt salt provides a lot of relief in pain when there is pain and cramps in the stomach.
  7. For migraine and headache, drinking asafetida in half cup of water provides relief.
  8. Asafetida is very useful for skin diseases like ringworm, itching, itching. In the condition of skin diseases, grinding asafetida in water and applying it to the affected areas is beneficial.
  9. To get opiate intoxication, dissolve a little asafetida in water and give it a drink, it ends the addiction quickly.
  10. Many people have their nose closed due to cold, which causes a lot of difficulty in breathing, sniffing asafoetida opens the nose that is blocked by a cold.



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