Benefits Of Jaggery and Green Cardamom

Benefits Of Green Cardamom

Benefits Of Jaggery

Good has many qualities, it would not be wrong to say that because in reality good is a very beneficial material. Good is made from sugarcane juice and it is very sweet in taste as well as very tasty. Drinking milk along with good during winters is good for our health as good effect is considered hot. Along with being delicious in eating good, it is very beneficial for our health because good amount of nutritious ingredients are found in good, so today we will talk to you about the benefits of good.

Benefits Of Jaggery


Benefits Of Jaggery :-

1. During the winter, making hot decoction of jaggery, ginger and basil leaves is very good to drink hot and this decoction also protects us from colds.

2. Jaggery is very beneficial for those who have anemia in their body, as there is a very good source of good iron and it helps in increasing the level of hemoglobin in the body.

3. Good is also very good for our digestive system, therefore good should be eaten after eating small amounts of food.

4. Good is also used to treat jaundice.

5. Good is used to make different types of different dishes like – sesame good chikki, good kheer, good parantha etc. You can make all these dishes in the winter season.

6. Potassium is found in high amount in good which helps in controlling blood pressure.

7. If you are troubled by the problem of constipation, then eating a piece of good after eating at night, you can get rid of constipation problem.

8. It is believed that the old jaggery is more good, but if the old jaggery is not found, then use the new good after keeping it in the sun for some time, then it becomes as good as the old good again.

9. In order to remove gas troubles, a little jiggery should be sucked on an empty stomach every morning.

10. Drinking good tea in winter season is considered more healthy.


Benefits Of Green Cardamom

Cardamom is of two types- 1. Large cardamom 2. Small cardamom. Green cardamom, also called green cardamom, is a very flavorful and beneficial ingredient that is mainly used to enhance the flavor of sweets. Cardamom not only makes sweets tasty but is also used in many home remedies, so today we will talk about the benefits of small cardamom.

Benefits Of Green Cardamom

Benefits Of Green Cardamom

1. In case of headache, grinding fine small cardamom and smelling it, headaches are cured.

2. Consumption of small cardamom removes blood impurities as cardamom acts as a blood purifier.

3. In the event of vomiting, eating equal quantity of mint and small cardamom powder gives relief from vomiting immediately.

4. The problem of sore throat is a very common problem in winter season. To avoid this problem, eat 1-2 small cardamom by chewing and chewing at the time of getting up in the morning and sleeping at night and drink lukewarm water together. Doing so will cause a sore throat.

5. Eating small cardamom with fennel increases digestive power and also provides relief from acidity problem.

6. In the case of stomach pain, grinding finely cardamom and eating it with honey provides relief in stomachache.

7. To get relief from chapped lips, grind small cardamom and mix it in butter and apply it on the lips every morning and evening for about 5-6 days every day.

8. Small cardamom also acts as a mouth freshener, if there is a strange smell or bad smell in the mouth, then one should chew small cardamom 2-3 times a day and taking cardamom after eating onion, garlic does not smell of it.


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