Benefits Of Fig and Onion

Benefits Of Fig

Benefits Of Fig

Fig is a very tasty and very beneficial fruit. It is also used as dry fruit after drying fig fruit. Figs contain a lot of nutritious elements like sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, fiber and chlorine, which are very beneficial for our health, so let us today Talk about the benefits of Fig.

Benefits Of Fig


Benefits Of Fig :-

  1. To remove blood deficiency, cut two figs in half and soak them in a glass of water overnight, after getting up in the morning, drinking its water and eating figs increases the amount of blood in the body.
  2. Fig is found in high amount of fiber which is very helpful in reducing obesity.
  3. Hypertension is the problem when the amount of sodium and potassium decreases in the body. Fig is a very beneficial fruit to deal with the problem of hypertension because figs have low sodium and high potassium content. Which removes the problem of hypertension.
  4. Figs are found in high amounts of potassium which is very beneficial for patients with diabetes. Figs control the level of sugar in the blood.
  5. If you have constipation, then boil 2-3 ripe figs in milk and eat it at night. After that drink the remaining milk also. By doing this you will get rid of constipation problem.
  6. If you are suffering from backache, then take equal amount of dry ginger, fig bark and coriander and soak it in water and grind it finely and drink it in the morning. This will give you a lot of relief in back pain.
  7. Eating figs cures all diseases like diabetes, colds, asthma and indigestion.
  8. Figs purify the impurities of the blood and purify them due to which skin diseases do not occur. Eating 2-3 dried figs with milk and sugar candy continuously for a week to get rid of blood problems is beneficial.
  9. Figs are high in calcium, which helps in strengthening bones.
  10. In the problem of piles, put 3-4 dried figs in water in the evening. Crushing figs in the morning and eating it on an empty stomach in the morning daily helps to overcome the problem of hemorrhoids.


Benefits Of Onion

Onion is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin K, folic acid, calcium and fiber. Onion is mainly used as a vegetable, onion enhances the taste of food and is also very beneficial for our health. We eat onion as vegetable, raita, pickle, chutney and salad and food becomes even more tasty using onion, so today we will talk about the benefits of onion.

Benefits Of Onion

Benefits Of Onion :-

  1. If the onion is eaten like a raw salad, it produces insulin in the body, which is very beneficial for the diabetes patient.
  2. Eating honey mixed with onion juice helps to cure anemia in the body very quickly.
  3. Taking a small raw onion along before taking it out in the sun during the summer days does not pose a risk of heatstroke.
  4. If you are troubled by your white hair, then by grinding the onion and applying it to the hair, the hair starts to darken gradually.
  5. Massage mustard oil mixed with onion juice and relieve joint pain.
  6. Grinding onion and applying it on the soles of the feet as a paste provides relief in headache immediately.
  7. To increase the light of the eyes, mixing onion juice with honey and applying it to the eyes increases the eyesight.
  8. Applying onion juice to the cut area on the bite of poisonous insects provides great relief in burning sensation, and feeding the patient by putting salt on pieces of scorpion on the bite of scorpion provides relief.
  9. In the case of toothache, press a piece of onion under the toothache or chew the onion and keep it under the teeth. It provides relief in toothache.
  10. Ear pain is cured by pouring 1-2 drops of onion juice into the ear lightly.


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