Benefits Of Dry Grapes And Alum

Benefits Of Alum and Dry Grapes

Benefits Of Dry Grapes

Dry Grapes are made by drying the grapes, seeds are found in it. Dry grapes are of two types – red and black. Dry grapes are used in many home remedies, in India today, they are mainly cultivated in many places such as Kumaon, Nashik, Dehradun, Poona and Aurangabad etc.

Dry grapes are also very beneficial and powerful for our body, so today we will talk about the benefits of raisins.

Benefits Of Dry Grapes

Benefits Of Dry Grapes :-

  1. If you are troubled by dry cough, then take 3-4 seeds of dry grapes and mix 2-3 black peppers with it, chew it and put it to sleep in the mouth, by doing this you will get relief from dry cough within 2-3 days.
  2. After sleeping at night, soak about 10-12 raisins in water and soak them in water, and after getting up in the morning, chewing the soaked raisins after taking out the seeds and chewing them properly, increases the amount of blood in the body.
  3. Eating dry grapes clears the blood and in those who have problems with hemorrhage, the use of dry grapes benefits a lot.
  4. If you have stomach problems, eat 2-3 dry grapes in a little asafetida. This will help in stomach pain.
  5. Due to the high amount of iron in grapes, they increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, causing the face to glow.
  6. Many people are very upset with the problem of urinating on the bed of children, to avoid this problem, by feeding 4-5 raisins daily, the problem of urination of the child in bed is cured.
  7. People who do not feel hungry properly, they eat hunger and dry grapes, salt, pepper to lighten all these ingredients and eat it.

Benefits Of Alum

Alum is a crystalline substance chemically named potassium aluminum sulfate. With the use of alum, we are used to cure many diseases through home remedies. Most of the people use alum after saving lotion after saving, alum also helps in healing the wounds by stopping the bleeding from the wounds, so let us today we will talk about home remedies to get benefits of alum.

Benefits Of Alum

Benefits Of Alum :-


  1. In winter, excessive work in water causes swelling or itching in the fingers of the hands. To avoid this, put alum in a little water and boil it and now washing the fingers with this water will give a lot of relief in swelling and itching.
  2. To avoid the problem of diarrhea and dysentery, grind a little alum and fry it finely and now mix this roasted alum with rose water and drink, it stops bloody diarrhea.
  3. If people who have problems of sweating more than the body, then those people, while bathing, dissolving alum in water reduces sweating.
  4. If there is a problem of tonsils, gargle with a pinch of alum and salt in hot water. With this, the problem of tonsils gets relief soon.
  5. Taking one and a half grams of alum powder and drinking milk from above, removes the pain caused by injury.
  6. To prevent toothache, grinding alum and black pepper in the roots of teeth ends toothache.
  7. After saving, applying alum on the face makes the face soft.



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