Benefits Of Cucumber & Garlic

Benefits Of cucumber

Benefits Of Cucumber

Cucumber is a very beneficial fruit. Nutrients like vitamin B and C, potassium, phosphorus, iron etc. are found in it and cucumber is also a very good source of water. Eating cucumber in summer season is very beneficial. It is very beneficial for health. You can eat cucumber in any form like – salad, raita or similar. So let’s talk about the benefits of cucumber today.

Benefits Of cucumber

Benefits Of cucumber :-

  1. Cucumbers must be eaten as a salad along with food. By eating salt, pepper and lemon in cucumbers, food is easily digested and also increases appetite.
  2. Cucumber makes the skin of the body healthy. In addition, it is also very beneficial for the eyes.
  3. Consuming cucumber regularly will also benefit your hair. Eat cucumber juice to keep your hair healthy. Hair is long and thick with its daily use.
  4. Eating cucumber regularly is beneficial to deal with problems like stomach gas, acidity, heartburn.
  5. Those who are very upset with obesity should eat cucumber salad on an empty stomach in the morning. This will make them feel fresh all day.
  6. Dheera also increases our immunity.
  7. If you are troubled by all stomach diseases, then tightly cucumber in curd and add mint, black salt, black pepper, cumin and asafetida and eat it as a raita. You will get rest very soon.
  8. Never eat cucumbers at night. As far as possible, eat it during the day. And do not drink water immediately after eating cucumber.
  9. Cucumber is very beneficial for sugar patients! That’s why sugar patients must eat cucumber.
  10. Cucumber juice is helpful in curing teeth.


Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic not only enhances the taste of food but also acts as a medicine for our health. It has very beneficial and priceless properties. Consuming garlic is very beneficial not only in winter but also in every season. Use of garlic increases the immunity power of the body, so today we will talk about the benefits of garlic.

Benefits Of Garlic

Benefits Of Garlic :-

  1. Grinding garlic with cloves and applying it on the toothache provides instant relief from pain.
  2. Grind 2-3 buds of garlic and take it with warm water, you can easily eliminate the problem of overweight.
  3. Put 4-5 cloves of garlic and half a teaspoon of celery in 2 tablespoons of mustard oil and cook on low flame. When garlic and celery turn black, cool down and filter. And keep it in a vial. Now whenever there is any kind of pain in the body, then lukewarm this oil and massage it on the place of pain. By doing this, every type of pain is removed.
  4. Garlic increases the body’s resistance, which helps the body to fight against serious diseases.
  5. Toast 3-4 buds of garlic on a pan and feed it to children, it ends shortness of breath.
  6. Garlic is also very beneficial for patients with diabetes. It helps control the level of sugar.
  7. If you are very troubled by the problem of acne then try this remedy and you will definitely benefit. Grind 1 clove of garlic and add half spoon turmeric powder to it and make a paste and apply this paste only on acne. Acne will be cleared slowly.


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