Benefits Of Black Pepper and Cloves

Benefits Of Black Pepper and Cloves

Benefits Of Black Pepper

Black pepper has a very important place in Indian spices, which is known as black paper in English. It not only enhances the taste of our food, but it also cures diseases with home remedies. Pepper contains nutritious elements like calcium, iron, phosphorus, carotene, thiamine riboflavin, carbohydrate, protein etc. So let us talk about the benefits of black pepper today.

Benefits Of Black Pepper


Benefits Of Black Pepper :-

  1. Eating 1 teaspoon of honey, black pepper and a pinch of turmeric powder gives great relief from phlegm problems.
  2. In case of gas problems, drink half a teaspoon of lemon juice, half a teaspoon pepper powder and half a teaspoon black salt in a cup of water. The gas problem will be resolved in a short time.
  3. In the case of constipation, after grinding at night, mix 4-5 black peppers with one glass of milk and drink, it provides relief in constipation.
  4. Mixing honey in black pepper powder and licking it increases memory.
  5. Grind black pepper finely in ghee and apply it to cure ringworm, pimples etc.
  6. Licking half a teaspoon of black pepper powder with ghee and sugar candy opens the larynx and cures the sound.
  7. After high blood pressure, dissolving one teaspoon of black pepper powder in half a glass of lukewarm water, drinking it for 2-2 hours gives relief, high blood pressure is controlled.
  8. Mixing black pepper powder with salt, brushing in the teeth, cures pyorrhea and brightens teeth.
  9. To get rid of obesity, chew 10-15 grains of black pepper daily, by doing this, obesity will be reduced in about 2-3 months.


Benefits Of Cloves

Clove is used as a spice which enhances the taste of food. Clove is also used in home remedies because it has many medicinal properties by which we treat many diseases. Clove is rich in nutritious elements like protein, iron, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin A & C etc. So let us talk about the benefits of cloves today.

Benefits Of Cloves

Benefits Of Cloves :-

  1. Grind the cloves and add a little water in a spoonful of sugar and boil it and then cool it, then drinking this water after cooling stops vomiting and nausea.
  2. When gas gets in the stomach, grind 2 cloves in a cup of boiling water and drink it after cooling the water, doing so will give instant relief to the gas.
  3. Clove also acts as an antiseptic, so whenever there is a wound or injury in your skin, grind the clove with water and apply it on the skin wound or the cut area to cure the wound quickly.
  4. If you are suffering from throat pain, phlegm, cough, chewing cloves with salt provides immediate relief.
  5. If you have a problem of cough then fry the cloves and eat it, it will give a lot of benefit in cough.
  6. In arthritis, clove oil is very beneficial for the relief of joint pain and swelling.
  7. If you are troubled by the problem of loss of appetite, then make a habit of eating cloves, eating cloves increases the appetite.
  8. Grind 2-3 cloves of lemon juice and make a paste, after that, apply this paste on the teeth, it ends toothache.
  9. If a pregnant woman is suffering from vomiting, licking the powder of cloves with honey is beneficial.
  10. Eating cloves in diabetes reduces glucose levels.



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